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Health benefits of eating leeks 

Leeks are from the genus Allium family which includes onions, garlic and scallions. Typically resembling scallions, they are flavorful as well as low calorie vegetables.  The moderately sweet light green and white parts of the vegetable are consumed by steaming them or sautéing them amidst other vegetable.  Leek leaves are used primarily to flavor soups, and they all have distinctive medical benefits. Here is an insight on the nutritional as well as the health benefits of eating leeks  

Leek health benefits 

Leeks are a rich source of dietary fibers, a unique variety of carbohydrates that energizes the body function and improves digestive metabolism. Since the vegetables are a bit hard, people in general chew slowly and properly which aids in food digestion. Because they are hard, they prohibit overeating thus enabling control of appetite 

Vitamin B9 or Follic acid, which enables generation of new cells by the body and ensuring healthy blood in the system, are present in Leeks. Follic acid or Folate should be present in our routine diet but women thinking of becoming pregnant or already pregnant should take more of folate rich-Leeks. Pregnant women can prevent birth defects by including Leeks in their routine diet (Birth defect includes encephalitis and spina bifida) 

Leek is rich in calcium which is essential for strong bones and teethes. In broader terms, calcium is a mineral necessary for proper body functioning. It not just provides strength to the bones and teeth but also smooth functioning of the nerves and your muscles throughout the life. It also is essential for apposite blood clotting. You can eliminate calcium deficiency become a major cause of concern by taking Leek regularly 

Leeks provide the body with vitamin C which is essential for normal body growth. The presence of Vitamin C enables the body to repair damaged tissues and it also is essential for building of Collagen, protein which develops skin, scar tissue, blood vessel, tendons and ligaments. As Vitamin C is water soluble, it discards anything the body is unable to preserve via urine, so it is important to supplement Vitamin C in your daily diet 

Leeks are also rich source of Potassium, a mineral which regulates the body’s PH and water level and is necessary for healthy muscle growth, brain performance and the constancy of the nervous system 

Eating leeks also builds up the body immune system and aids in fighting infection

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