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This annual or perennial herb is one of the species of Hibiscus. The fruit of Roselle plant become mature in about six months and that is when it gets beautiful bright red color. While still immature, this plant can have whitish or yellowish colors with a dark reddish spot at the bottom of each petal. The stem of the Roselle plant is cultivated for the production of Bast Fiber or Skin Fiber which is then used to make burlap (Woven Fabric, Gunny Cloth, or Coarse Fabric) 

Roselle plant has been and still is considered as an AntiHypertensives (used to treat hypertension or high blood pressure), Mild Laxative (used to induce bowel movements), and Diuretic (used to elevate the rate of urination to treat drug overdose or poisoning). The Red Calyces or Sepals of this plant are used by some countries for food colorings, for flowers, for syrups, for jams, or for many different kinds of drinks. And the green leaves of Roselle can be used for salads, for curry, for teas, for lotions, for wounds, and for sores 

So, the Nutrients in one cup (57 grams) of Raw Roselle Plant without any refuse are 

Vitamin A

Vitamin B2, Riboflavin

Vitamin B3, Niacin

Vitamin C








Natural Fats



According to these Nutrients we can come up with these Health Benefits of Roselle Plant 

Vitamin C

Improves wound healing

Prevents cells from damages

Improves gums health

Improves teeth health

Improves Immune System

Protects from free radicals

Reduces Aging

Lowers Risks of some Cancers

Improves Iron absorption

Improves Lung health

Prevents from frequent colds

Protects from frequent infections 


Maintains healthy bones

Improves nerve function

Improves muscle function

Supports Healthy blood clotting

Reduces feet tingling

Reduces hand tingling

Lowers chance of retardation in children

Reduces chance of bone deformities

Reduces feet numbness

Reduces hand numbness

Improves teeth health

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