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Sesame Seeds

 Sesame seeds are tiny edible seeds obtained from the flowering sesame plant and is mainly grown to extract oil from them. These nutty, delicate seeds come in a variety of colors and are known for their abundant health benefits. There are used in cuisines all over the world, especially in breads and buns. Sesame seeds are especially popular as snacks in Asia and are used in various Asian dishes and desserts. These seeds are also known to be the oldest condiments that are in use since 1600 BC. They are available in colors like yellow, black purple and even blue. The various nutrients that these seeds contain, offer innumerable health benefits which makes it even more essential for them to be a part of our diet. Let's know some more about the nutrients in sesame seeds and the health benefits that they offer 

Sesame Seeds Nutrients 

Sesame seeds are high in nutrition and contain many valuable nutrients, as per the sesame seed nutrition information. It is a rich source of minerals like copper zinc, magnesium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, manganese, selenium and sodium. Vitamins like vitamin A, E and B6, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, betaine and tocopherol are found in abundance in sesame seeds. Other sesame seeds nutrients include proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids and dietary fiber like sucrose, fructose and maltose. It is low in cholesterol and contains high amounts of anti-oxidants as well. As per sesame seeds nutrition facts, sesame seeds contain unique substances known as sesamin and sesamolin which are known to be extremely good for overall health and well-being. Unhulled sesame seeds are known to be more nutritious as compared to the hulled ones. Sesame seeds calorie content are a little high, so it should be consumed carefully. With such a lot of nutrients in sesame seeds, it's now obvious why its consumption is considered to be so beneficial for human health 

Sesame Seeds Health Benefits 

Bone Health 

It is said that a handful of sesame seeds contains more calcium than what a glass of milk contains. The calcium that these seeds contain help maintain bones and prevent disorders related week bones and teeth. It is especially beneficial in preventing osteoporosis in middle aged and older women. This is one of the important health benefits of sesame seeds 


The sesamin and sesamolin that sesame seeds contain are known to impart anti-cancer properties to sesame seeds. Their consumption is known to prevent the development and growth of cancerous cells and aid cancer treatment. Read more on sesame oil nutrition facts 

Migraine Relief 

Magnesium contained in sesame seeds helps prevent trigeminal blood vessels spasms that trigger migraine attacks. Regular consumption of sesame seeds is also known to completely eliminate migraine attacks and related symptoms like headache and dizziness  

Strengthens Nervous System 

The vitamin E that sesame seeds contain helps strengthen the nervous system and prevents disorders and ailments of the nervous system. This is one of the most important sesame seeds nutritional benefits 

Skin Care 

Sesame seeds and the oil obtained from them are very beneficial for skin and hair. The oil is known to have properties that can soothe skin burns and prevent various skin related disorders. The consumption of sesame seeds can benefit all the skin types  

Intestine and Digestive Health 

Sesame seeds help prevent intestinal worm infection and also eliminate worms from the intestines. The dietary fiber that they contain helps maintain good digestive health, prevents and cures constipation and other related disorders 

Cardiovascular Health 

The sesamolin and sesamin that these seeds contain helps lower and prevent high blood pressure and cholesterol. Thus, they protect against the development of cardiovascular system diseases and disorders 

Asthma Prevention 

The magnesium present in sesame seeds helps prevent asthma attacks and various other respiratory system disorders by preventing airway spasms 

Menopausal Relief 

Consuming sesame seeds have known to bring a great amount of relief in menopausal women as it helps in dealing with the various menopausal symptoms like hot flushes and insomnia. This is one of the essential black sesame seeds health benefits. Read more on sesame seeds nutrition facts 

Other sesame seeds health benefits include rheumatoid arthritis relief, regulation of body metabolism, faster wound healing, etc. To enjoy these health benefits, make sesame seeds an important part of your diet and consume them regularly as a snack or as an ingredient in various dishes

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